Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tyler Wilson

When I watch Tyler Wilson play I find myself uninspired.  I’m fully aware it could just be that the rest of his team isn’t very good.  But Dysert’s team isn’t either and he looks a ton better. 

He’s efficient.  But he checks down a ton.  Looks like he doesn’t want to take chances, so he plays it safe.  I don’t like his lack of consistency after 20 yards.  Good overall movement.  Decent pocket presence.  I don’t like his throw on the run.  He doesn’t keep his eyes down field.  Misses guys that are open.  His last play in Arkansas was an incomplete pass when there were two other guys open in the end zone.  He just seems to miss things.  Also, it sure seemed like many of his passes were a foot off.  Behind, too high, out front.  I question is accuracy. 

Like I said, he’s uninspiring.  62% completion is fine, his size is fine 6-3, 220, his arm is fine.  But where’s the moxie?  However, he’s not without hope.  That Arkansas team was a train wreck.  And I see enough there to consider him.  Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.

But with all the questions I have, I’d only look at him as a mid 2nd rounder.  But I'd take Zac Dysert over him.

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