Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Cards options at LT in the 2013 draft

Right now the CBS mock draft guys have Joeckel going 4th.
Matthews going about 6th.
Lewan going about 13th.
Fisher going anywhere between 16th and 27th.

I would love to see Matthews stay ahead on team's boards. While I absolutely love his rock solid consistency, I just don't see the Wow factor that I want from a top LT. I'm wondering if pedigree is being overplayed here. Don't get me wrong though. I'd love to have Matthews on my team (I was a HUGE Houston fan before the Cards, so this hurts a little), but not for the current asking price.

My Michigan friend swears we're only seeing a small portion of the talent from Lewan. He converted late so it makes sense. I see tremendous athleticism from him. I love his speed and size and think he's a great talent. Albeit a bit raw. I do see the Wow factor from him, but I also see some inconsistency. He and Matthews seem to have contrasting pros and cons. I'd still take him, because of his upside.

Fisher is legit. I love his explosiveness off the line. He doesn't seem to labor like other guys his size (6'7, 305). He also picks up stunts and shifts with relative ease. Great balance when engaged, but he does end up on the ground some. (Not much of a con, but I felt I had to say something) Most of all I love his fire. He doesn't just block, he LOVES to block. This guy gets after it. He has that fiery competitive edge you want in a guy. He's coming across as that guy that no one wants to put higher on the boards because of the school he comes from. I'd be ecstatic if the Cards could land him.

It looks like Philly and the Chargers are going to go LT before us. And the Rams will assuredly take the left overs after us. While I like the idea of a trade back for picks, I'm not sure these guys will be around. I would be very careful if I go that route. Because this team needs "that guy" at LT and have some good ones to choose from this year if they don't screw it up.

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