Monday, December 24, 2012

LT Lane Johnson, Oklahoma

Lane Johnson intrigues me.  I see that athleticism that screams potential at LT.  I also see size at 6-6, 305.  Has long arms and knows how to use them.  Once he locks onto a defender he rarely lets go.  Has a bit of stick ‘em on his hands.  He has great agility.  Sometimes his feet get cemented and he gets beat, then lunges to recover.  Needs to learn to always trust his agility and compensate that way.  Most times he recovers rather well though. When he gets beat up to the corner he uses his agility to freakishly compensate.  Quick feet and use of long arms keep him in front. 

A very smart run blocker.  He doesn’t quite maul as much as he places his body and seals very well.  He’s always in the play and uses his body well to shield.  Moves the defender exactly where he wants him to be.   I wonder what his strength tangibles will reveal.  Even if he isn’t the strongest he’s learned how to compensate. 

His mind seems to be locked into the play and stays with his assignment till the whistle.  And if he gets a switch he recovers smoothly.  Doesn’t panic but stays with the most sensible block.  Appears to be a smart player.  I love that he gets mad when he could have blocked the guy for a few more yards even though he just pushed him 8 yards.  He doesn’t seem to settle for less than great.  He claps his hands in disgust when he doesn’t meet his own expectations.  He’s always looking down field to find someone else to block.  Doesn’t take breaks when the play isn’t to his side.  Finds his way into the fray.  He was moved around a bunch on the line and is smooth on either side.  Heard he played QB at one point, which lends to his savviness. He’s raw and has a lot more to show.

Considering his size, agility, and football smarts Lane Johnson has all the potential to be a great LT.

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