Tuesday, December 25, 2012

C Khaled Holmes

I watched him play against Star Lotulelei.  After initially struggling, Khaled held his own for the rest of the game, sometimes getting the better of Star. 

Fiery.  He’s always looking to hit.  Sometimes his excitement gets the better of him and he overplays his role.  Must gain some discipline.  Gets good initial contact and drives guys away.  He’s not so much a blocker as he is a fighter.  Plays like a warrior.  Quickly gets to 2nd level to make contact.  Again, needs to stay disciplined and patient as he tends to lunge at defenders.  Gets good push on run blocking.  Is a great team blocker.  His head is on a swivel looking for the next guy he gets to punch.  Gets fired up easily and will get in teammate’s grill.  Very competitive. 

I think he’s better than the 3rd round projection I keep seeing, but I’m not gonna complain if he’s there in the 3rd.  He would be a nice upgrade over Lyle. 

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