Tuesday, December 25, 2012

G Dallas Thomas

A great prospect at G.  I’m not excited about him at LT.  And his questionable pass protection on the edge isn’t going to serve him well at RT either.  This is a Levi Brown type that teams will try to move him out when he should stay in.  I’m scouting him as a G.

Phenomenal athlete at G.  Versatile.  Keeps guys in front and maintains integrity of the pocket.  Seamless transition from one defender to the next.  Stunts and shifts don’t bother him.  Good seals on the run.  Uses his athleticism to bounce off line and fly to his trap block.  Quickly gets out on screens and uses athleticism and strength to make plays.  Gets to the 2nd level quick and makes/keeps contact with defender.  Great push on run block.  Strong punches.  Very good at both run blocking and pass protection in the interior.  Needs to be better about playing to the whistle.  Let’s guys scoot by sometimes because he thinks the play is over before whistle is blown. 

I’m sure I’ll attach an addendum to this because I’m scouting the Ts before the Gs, but he’ll end up a high prospect there.  He’s probably a 2nd round pick at G behind Warmack and Cooper.  The Cards would be lucky to get a guy like this as long as they play him at his natural position.

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