Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ryan Nassib

Hot and cold.  That’s what I saw from Ryan Nassib. 

Decent athlete with an above average arm.  Has the choppy feet thing going, but gets his feet set to make the throw.  Can place the ball well at times, but other times can be way off the mark.  Seems to be getting better as he matures, so the growth chart is a positive for him.  There’s some intensity to his game, which is a good thing.  And even with his growing pains he still completed 63% of his passes.  Has low end size at 6-2, 230.

He also tends to suffer from brain freeze when he’s under pressure.  Often makes poor throws when seeing the pass rush.  I don’t see anything that tells me that he’s ready to play in the NFL.  But he does have some of the goods to have a chance at being a productive player.  I’d say he’s 2 to 3 years away from that.  He looks like he’ll be a good project to nab in the 3rd round.

The Cardinals however need to take a pass on him unless he slips to the 4th round.

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