Friday, December 21, 2012

Matt Barkley

I would never take Matt Barkley in the first round.  All I see is inconsistency.  I hear he's got a good head on his shoulders and isn't like Leinart or Sanchez.  I hear that he has the intangibles to be good.  Unfortunately, I don't see them.  All I see when I watch this guy play is two superstar WRs bailing him out.  I see horrible passes on the deep ball and on sideline placements.  I see tons of dumps to WRs that jack up his completion percentage.  I see weak arm strength.  I see him make bonehead decision after bonehead decision.  And I see him fold completely under duress.

And yes, I'm aware that his Oline was a mess and they asked too much from him.  But I would expect more from a 1st rounder.   He's not a 1st round QB.  I see him more as a late 2nd to early 3rd.  And I'm nervous about taking him even there.  I better have a solid line in place and a good starting QB to rely on so Barkley can grow into the role.  With time and good coaching he'll probably be okay.  But what about arm strength?  That's a huge question.  And for QBs, it's a death sentence if you can't fix it. 

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