Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm still pining for running the ball

The Jets pounded out ANOTHER victory today with their rookie QB against a Patriot powerhouse.  The same rookie some of us wanted in the 2nd round over Minter.  He wasn’t brilliant, mind you, but he got the job done.  I was more impressed with Rex Ryan who gave the ball to Chris Ivory for 34 carries.  Geno only got 33 attempts.  All in all, the Jets ran the ball 52 times out of 85 plays for 61% of the time.  And the RBs combined for only 3.0 yards per carry.  It sure seems to me like Rex is trying to protect his QB at the same time as trying to win games.  Reminds me of what Belichick did for a young Tom Brady.

I wish the Cards would follow suit.  A simple plan might be:
1. Design whatever run strategy they want to be known for. (ZBS, w/e)
2. Get the best players they can to fit that strategy. (Even if it means current FAs)
3. Run that strategy over and over and over…
4. Continue to commit to the run until we get a QBoF. (next year)
5. Let him get acclimated to the O while we continue to run the ball.
6. If he shows promise let him handle more of the O.

I watched Seattle do that with Tarvaris Jackson at the helm.  I don’t think anyone’s questioning that decision now.  Russell Wilson was handed an offense that is dominant on the run.  And on Thursday they ran over the Cards without their two starting Ts.