Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zac Dysert

A few years back I was apparently wrong about Pat Devlin.  I thought he had all the tools to be a good steal in the later rounds of the draft.  He went undrafted and now sits 3rd behind Tannehill in Miami.  I've still got time to be right.  But not much.

But that was soooo 3 years ago.  I just had a wow moment watching film.  You know that moment when you watch a guy make a great move that your pretty sure very few people on the planet can do.  Well, I had numerous wow moments watching Zac Dysert play.  He has great pocket presence.  Stands firm with pressure.  Keeps his eyes down field.  Has a 6th sense on avoiding pressure.  His arm is great and accurate on the deep balls.  Can roll either right or left and has amazing accuracy throwing on the run.  He's a gamer.  Will make athletic throws when he's in trouble and actually gets it there.  And has an amazing knack for keeping plays alive.  Oh, and he's 6-4, 230.  He's got real NFL size.

The offense he ran at Miami (Ohio) is a slight concern.  Far too many roll outs, which can create habits of needlessly escaping the pocket.  But with a year in the NFL, he'll settle down and acclimate to his surroundings.  But the thing I noticed most about his offense was that his WRs were TERRIBLE.  I must have counted 15 dropped passes in the Ohio State game alone.  Considering he had 21 incompletions, that's only 6 bad passes out of 51.  Against a real team.  Early in the season.  But some of his passes do tend to sail.  He'll have to bring them down or he'll get someone killed.  Still, his 63% completion was decent. 

Right now CBS has him rated as an early 3rd round prospect (71 overall).  I like him more than Matt Barkley.  If, and this is a big if, he stays around there I'd love to see the Cards look at him in 3rd or even stretch into the 2nd (possible trade back).

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