Tuesday, December 25, 2012

T Oday Aboushi

Not an NFL LT.  Maybe a RT, or a very tall G.  He’s lumbering, yet strong.  Can knock down opponents almost accidentally.  Has adequate feet to get to the corner and uses long arms to push defender outside.  Head on defenders don’t get anywhere, but struggles against speed on the outside.   He has questions as a run blocker which doesn’t bode well since he’s not the quickest.  Questions arise about his mental aspect of the game due to penalties.  Sometimes makes bad decisions during play.  Not an NFL starter yet.

I can see a coach drafting him as a RT and working hard on his run blocking.  But his slow mobility and mental errors leave a huge question mark.  I must be missing something that so many teams have him as a 1st or 2nd rounder.  I’m guessing I’ll have an addendum tacked on here later when I see something that changes my mind.  Right now I’d draft him in the 3rd as a RT, but wouldn’t consider him at LT.

The Cards should pass on him.  He's a massive project at LT and they already have Massie at RT.  They have more pressing needs elsewhere and should only look at him if he slips to the 4th.

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