Saturday, December 22, 2012

Geno Smith

Let’s be fair about Geno, he shouldn’t be expected to be Luck or RGIII.  I know he wants it, but he isn’t quite there yet.  But he’s on his way.

Geno Smith is a workaholic.  He has a heavy commitment to game film and has made amazing strides to make himself into an NFL QB.  He is very accurate and has a great arm.  I like his footwork and pocket presence.  He can throw on the run and is a good double threat guy.  But I love that he has worked hard to break his case of the runs.  He’s been scolded this year for not running enough.  I absolutely love that.  He’s now a pass first, run second QB.  He hits his targets all over the field and gets the ball to his playmakers.  However, it helps when you have studs at WR.

Here’s my but: he looks like a guy who lacks confidence when he’s in the game.  I know that sounds weird, but he has a nervous edge to him.  Watch his arms pre snap and you might pick up on it.  That makes me nervous come crunch time.  It reminds me of Nick Foles his junior year.  Nick got over it.  So will Geno.  But he’ll need some time.  While he’ll probably go #1 overall, he’ll need a year to get used to the NFL.  He isn’t a complete package coming out of college like Luck and RGIII.  And that’s okay.  He just needs a good vet ahead of him and a smart coach to ease him in.  (That leaves out Whiz)

Some mocks have him going around where the Cards pick, but that ignores the growing trend of drafting QBs way ahead of projections.  They are just too valuable nowadays.  The Cards won’t see him wherever they pick.  Too bad though.  I really like his potential.

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