Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Post-Manning Ideal offseason

Okay, so now that the whole Manning thing is behind us, I think it would be wise to cope with our rejection by looking at some future moves that will make us better.

1)  They must sign Demetrius Bell at LT.  He will be a great addition to this line.  They don't need a player to develop at that position (ie, a draft pick), they need a guy who can start there now.  Kolb can't afford to take any more hits.  Bell did a good job while healthy at Buffalo and is widely considered the best LT in free agency.  While I don't think he is a premier LT, he is better than what we have.

2) If #1 happens than resigning Brown was a great move.  He really is a good RT.  Yeah, so maybe he's in the wrong offense, but at RT he's a good fit anywhere.

3) Draft DeCastro. 

4) If DeCastro isn't there at #13 then trade the pick to Cincinatti for their #17 and another pick.  I honestly don't know if they'll part with a 2nd rounder for 4 places, but they don't want to lose Dre Kirkpatrick to the Cowboys at #14 so they might be willing to deal.

5) After the trade, draft Kendall Wright at #17.  This gives you speed and athleticism to compliment Fitz.  I love this guys fire.

6)  With the 2nd round pick I'd grab Bobbie Massie OT out of Mississippi.  He's a slight project, but will grow fast behind Bell and Brown.

7) Draft BPA after that. 

8) Pray Kolb stays healthy and has time to grow in this offense.  Oh and pray Whiz remembers how to run the football.

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