Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Days till the 2012 draft

So we've got 7 days left and I thought I'd rehash our situation.  It's apparent that certain guys should be gone by the 13th pick. 

1.  Luck
2.  Griffin
3.  Kalil
4.  Richardson
5.  Claiborne
6.  Blackmon
7.  Cox
8.  Coples
9.  Tannehill

That leaves 3 players to go before the Cards pick.  Obviously there is going to be a surprise so those 9 aren't locked.  If one of the first 6 are there you nab him and thank the other idiot GMs on your way out.  (Except Griffin) Since that's not going to happen Let's looks at the guys that will be there. (As I say that, I've seen a couple of mocks that have Blackmon falling to the Cards.  If only.)

David DeCastro: Yes, I still have my man crush alive and well.  I think this guy is so good at RG that he'll make the RT look better.  And looking at the starting RT for the Cards right now makes me want him even more.  I also think he's as close to a lock for the HoF as you can get before he's even drafted.  Yes, I also know that this isn't a glaring need for the Cards, but guys like this break the rules when it comes to drafting for need.  He's so good in the BPA that he negates all talk of need.  Plus, its not like the line couldn't use some upgrading.

Riley Reiff:  I'm still not sold on the guy.  The Cards have a glaring hole at LT.  Levi Brown played well in the last half of the season all the way up to his brand new contract.  He scares me as the type of guy who ONLY plays well before contracts are redone.  Reiff fills a major need, but I don't see him as a dominant LT and see him more as a really good RT.  However, we could use an upgrade there too.  He at least addresses a major need at RT.  But you don't draft a guy at #13 at that position.  He's a safe pick, but not a superstar pick.

Luke Kuechly:  No.  He plays the same position as Darryl Washington only he's slower.

Melvin Ingram:  His greatest asset is his versatility.  He hasn't shown that he's a dominant pass rusher like Courtney Upshaw, but he's very good in coverage.  The problem is the 3-4 system relies on the OLB to put pressure on the QB.  I was sold early on his versatility.  But wonder how great of a fit he is here.  It won't matter.  Word is he'll be gone before the Cards anyway.  Just like V. Miller last year.

Michael Brockers and Dontari Poe:  We already have a 1st round DT.  And we only need one.  I like Brockers better.  He impressed me on the field.  Poe is the recipient of the "I'm only considered this high because I freakin' rocked at the combine" award. (yes, that's the official title)  No touchy touchy only looky looky.

Courtney Upshaw: I think I was a little hard on him last time around.  After looking at more film I like his hands.  They are deceptive.  He uses them to gain leverage in very subtle ways.  That's a major plus.  Plus, he gets results on the pass rush.  I don't like him at #13, but I wouldn't cry if they traded down and snagged him in the 20's.

Dont'a Hightower:  If the Cardinals are going to reach I think I'd reach here.  He's a strong intense dude that would fit perfect in the SILB where Paris is now.  Paris played great here, but he's late 30's now.  His time is almost up. Dont'a hits hard and will terrify QBs  and RBs with his hits.  I get more excited about him as the draft approaches.

Michael Floyd: A very gifted WR.  However, he's exactly like Fitz.  That may sound great in theory, but I'm more akin to grabbing a guy that compliments Fitz rather than plays a lot like him.  If we go WR, we need a burner.  Still, this guy is very good and would flourish in this kind of offense.  (you know, the passing kind)

Cordy Glenn: A Guard that they want to move to LT.  Let's see... where have I heard that before... Yeah, I don't want to replay Leonard Davis either.  He's no DeCastro and he's no Tackle.  Deuce part deux.

Kendell Wright:  I still love him.  If they can manage a trade intot the 20's I would steal him away.  PERFECT compliment to Fitz.  A burner with lots of passion.  I'm not scared of his 5-10ness. (Steve Smith)

Jonathan Martin: If Poe gets an award then so does Martin.  He gets the "Oh, you guys actually care about how much I bench press?" award.  The combine/work out he gave was dreadful.  Only idiots care though.  He was solid on the field for Stanford and will be a good pro.  Not as good as Kalil, but good.  He's smart, has great feet, and ran pro offense for 3 years.  If he has heart (always IF), he'll correct some bad habits and be very good.  Again, trade down to get him.

Mike Adams:  No.  Levi Brown II.

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