Friday, March 16, 2012

Bravo Cards

I don't usually say this, but I'm proud of the Cards organization.  They took a shot at Peyton Manning.  He flirted for a day, and, I think, was wooed away by lesser opportunities (Denver and Titans).  But that's on him.  He'll have to live with that decision.  The Cards did their part.  They also didn't wait around like the desperate chick who sits by the phone because she believed him when he said he'd call her back.  They had a window.  It closed.  The wisely backed out. 

I'm not sure what to make of Gambo reporting that Manning wanted to come to AZ.  He's rarely wrong.  Like I said before, I think he really did want to come here, but had his mind muddled by all the other pitches he got from other teams.  Again, that's on him.  The Cards played this right. 

Now to move on.  I still think they should have pushed hard to move Kolb.  One more concussion.  Or how about just more turf toe.  He's got the injury tag full on.  And now they're gonna pay him to play 6 more games this year.  Not smart.  I sure hope Skelton makes massive progress this off season and takes the starting job back.  But they'll still be paying Kolb needlessly.

The last I looked Demetrius Bell is still a FA.  They should push hard for him if they don't think J. Martin will be there at #13.  Or if they intend to trade down and pick up a second rounder.  I love the idea but they better get Bell first.  I'm sold on Bobbie Massey, OT out of Mississippi, in the 2nd.  So picking up that pick would really help.

The signings of Levi Brown and that guy from SF were good.  Brown should be moved backed to RT where he belongs and Snyder might start at RG.  They provide much needed depth.  But Brown doesn't fit this system.  I'm curious as to why he resigned here.  I know his options weren't great out there, but he has no chance to be good here.  It helps the Cards, but hurts him.  His agent should have been pushing hard for SF, Seattle, Baltimore, or the Jets.  They pass too much here for him.

As I sit back and think about it after my post Manning depression, this offense is a mess.  They still have run oriented RT (Levi) in a pass oriented system and no LT.  The line is no different than last year when it wasn't very good.  I get the feeling this offense is slowly going nowhere.  And they still don't have the 2nd WR.  I'll feel better if they sign Bell, but not much.  I'm not sure any of this matters though.  Whiz will still stubbornly run his bad offense with the wrong kind of players.  I have zero confidence in him offensively.  That is of course unless he had Kurt Warner or Peyton Manning.

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