Monday, March 12, 2012

Its time for Kolb to move on.

I don't mean to say I told you so, but...  um... yeah, well.   Trading DRC and the 2nd pick for Kolb made no sense a year ago and it makes the same amount of 'no sense' as it did then... or whatever.  It still was a stupid trade.  Kolb had no chance to learn this asinine system in the short time he had.  Combine that with the DEATH SQUAD Offensive Tackles that this team had and his head trauma history and you had a recipe for concussions. Skelton wasn't exactly shocking the world, but he displayed many intangible skill sets that said he can be successful given time.  And sure enough, they won this year with him while Kevin was out with injuries. 

Kolb came at too high a price.  Now, almost a year later, the Cards are in a deep flirtation with Peyton Manning and may be close to landing him.  In which case, Kolb will be cut or traded. 

But even if they don't get Manning, they have to trade/cut Kolb.  If there is any market at all for him out there, I'd be all over it.  To reevaluate Kevin I'd say he's everything he was coming out of Philly plus one more major concussion.  That might land him at about a 2nd or 3rd round pick, if you're ridiculously lucky.  Especially from desperate teams who have Colt McCoy or Tarvaris Jackson as their starting QB.  Recovering a pick would cover half of the moronic trade.  However, you'd still have the unrecoverable loss of DRC, but who knows, after last year Philly might cut him and he can come back to AZ.  (Wouldn't that be interesting)

The reason Kolb has to go is simple: he's a concussion away from being done permanently.  The poor guy couldn't see straight for 5+ weeks after his big one last year.  You can't have an unproven guy with head trauma and owed a lot of money as your franchise QB.  It makes little sense to keep him.  Plus, I'm sure he's feeling very wanted right now as everyone is salivating over the prospect of Manning in Cardinal Red.  Talk about a one night stand.  Sorry Kevin. 

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