Saturday, January 28, 2012

Melvin Ingram at 13?

The question is, do you believe in Acho and Schofield?  Because if you do, I don't see the reason to draft Ingram with the 13th pick.  He's definitely worthy of the pick, but he's only taken here if you think you can't get something better at a position you have a hole in.  (say OT... both sides).  I actually believe that those two are solid players, but I'm not sold that they will be ProBowl players. 

As for Ingram, he'd be a perfect fit here.  He's big, 6-2, 270.  He's got good feet.  I mean real good feet.  He has an upper echelon athleticism that few have.  He can engage a double team and still have his eyes on a player slipping out of the backfield to make a play.  He can take three guys out of a play with just his instinct.  He's got a good nose for the ball.  And more importantly he can defend the pass well.  With the Cards he can line up anywhere on the line and rush the passer or drop back into coverage.  I see him as an elite LB in the future.  However, I do see a potential problem with his draft status because of his apparent lack of speed in the 40.  I don't think that'll show up on the field, but scouts might knock him back a peg if he doesn't show well at the combine.  I'm not worried about it.  I like him less than V. Miller last year, but I like him a heck of a lot more than Upshaw this year.  He's way more versatile

O.K. so do I grab him if I had the 13 pick?  Here's where I'm at now.  Luck is a clearly #1.  But after that its a little fuzzy to me.  I think Kalil and Reiff fit more to a run offense which doesn't match the Cards (ala Levi Brown).  Richardson is a stud, but are they gonna draft 3 RBs in a row?  I don't touch Griffin with a 12 foot pole.  I'm also not even gonna look at a D lineman.  The Cards shouldn't either.  So I think need-wise it goes:

1. Andrew Luck
2. Justin Blackmon
3. Morris Claiborne
4. Jonathin Martin
5. David DeCastro
6. Melvin Ingram
7. Kendall Wright

You don't have a chance at #1-3, but the latter four might be there.  (And yes, they need a future HOF guard from Stanford.  Leave me alone. )  I like Ingram here if they don't trade down for Wright.  He's a good fit.   (I should also point out that I need to see more film on Dre Kirkpatrick before I lump him in.)  All seven of these guys make this team better and would start some time this season. 

However the Cardinal needs by position look like:

1. Left OT
2. Right OT
3. 2nd WR
4. Left OLB
5. HOF QB (Okay, so maybe this should go #1)
6. Stanford G
7. 2nd CB

That stabilizes J. Martin at the top of the list that might be there at 13.  And if they don't get those OT positions taken care of, it won't matter who's the #2 WR, because they won't be seeing the ball get out of the QBs hands.  K.C. is taking a hard look at Martin, but I'm hoping they pass on account that they are stupid.  I can hope can't I?

All this leaves me to believe that only DeCastro, Ingram, and Wright will be there at 13.  And since you and I both know the Cards won't take a Guard at 13, DeCastro's out.  Wright is a big stretch here as I've gone into detail before about.  So that leaves us with Ingram.  Right now CBS has him slated at the 20th spot and ESPN at the 17th.  If we pretend this stays true to the draft, I'm totally fine with entertaining offers from teams in the low 20s.  I feel like Ingram and Wright might be around and they could use a 2nd round pick.  If those two are gone they can think about drafting the other two OTs (Zebrie Sanders or Mike Adams) or trading down into the early 30s where they are projected at going. 

So here's what we've got:  1) they sit on the pick until they are on the clock 2) they entertain offers 3a)  if one comes up they grab Ingram or Wright later or maybe one of the two OTs or 3b) if no good offers come, they draft Ingram.  And with that pick, I think they will have upgraded the most important position in this 3-4 D.

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