Friday, January 13, 2012

Add one Freak to the mix.

He's a bit of a tweener.  I mean, he's part solid, part freak.  I was shocked when I watched him, but I'm a believer in Kendall Wright out of Baylor.  That tight rope act for 25 yards against K State was impressive.  But what caught my eye was his fire.  When he doesn't catch the ball for whatever reason, he ignites up.  Like every catch is a potential TD that he lost out on.  I like that fire.  Of course, it's always a fine line.  He could be a fiery Steve Smith and make his team better by getting in their face, or he could be a moron like T.O. and tear his team down.  My gut says he's in the mold of Smith.  He's little.  He's fiery.  He catches stuff and makes it look cool.  He would be the ABSOLUTE PERFECT compliment to Fitz.  He would demand the ball, but Fitz's greatness would hold him in check.  It would be a similar match up that Randy Moss had with Chris Carter.

The replay from 1:00 on is a perfect shot.

Right now, he's projected to go 15 to 30 in the first.  He's only 5-10 (Steve Smith is 5-9) so teams won't want to take an early chance on him, so he might drop into the 20's.  I'd also bet that teams will be more enamored with Floyd, Sanu, and Jefferey's size so that would solidify his descent into the late 20's.  Plus, I think many teams are dumb enough to think RGIII was the reason he was good.  Also, consider that this is a good free agent year for WRs and you have a steal in the making in the 2nd round.   And if he gets drafted that late, this guy will have a chip the size of the Sears Tower on his shoulder and will be looking to make everyone eat crow that passed on him.  It's official.  I'm giddy.

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