Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dealing with the Colts.

I've read a couple of articles out of Indi and hear the makings of a polarizing topic: trade Peyton or trade Luck.  It sounds like they'll have a hard time keeping both happy and it would probably benefit them to trade one.  So the argument comes down to what you want: a) be faithful to the face of the franchise and ride Peyton off into the sunset? or b) look to the future with Luck and become annihilated by the discontent of thousands of loyal fans? 

So what do you do?  Frankly, I don't give a rip.  It's Indi.  They're not my team.  I just want to know if the Cards can stick their noses in and land one of the two options. 

Would I trade for Peyton?  Hell yeah.  Would I sign him for a lot of money?  Hell yeah.  If he's healthy (a strong presumption in this argument).  Would I give Kolb and say a 3rd round pick for him?  Hell yeah. 

What intrigues me more is of course the Luck argument.  I've heard that you would at least need to offer two firsts and two seconds.  People get all bent out of shape over that saying its too much.  Publicly, I would too.  So I could drive down the price.  Privately, I would do it in a heart beat.  And phooey to all the talk about extra picks in the late rounds.  Those I'd throw in if needed.   And I'd go a step further.  I'd give them my next 3 first picks for Luck.  Hell yeah I would.  I love the draft more than the next guy, but this kind of QB only comes around once every 10 years.  So I would gladly sacrifice not being able to watch the next few drafts KNOWING that I have Luck at QB.  Sorry, but I think this argument is a no brainer.  My only discussion with Indi would be how much do you want? 

You mean to tell me that you wouldn't give Dan Williams, Beanie Wells, and DRC for Andrew Luck?  That's three first picks in a row.  Shoot, I'd give Williams and Beanie and the next 2 first rounders for Luck.  That's four firsts.  And I'd throw in Kolb for good measure.

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