Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2 guys to pass on at 13

I'm not sure why they are ranked so high.  I mean what do people really see in Riley Reiff and Ryan Tannehill that has them currently in the top 10? 

Reiff is a decent enough run blocker.  He's big and agile and should fit into an offense that relies on the run.  But he doesn't look good protecting the passer.  I'm sorry.  He just looks like he hates to pass block.  I would hate to see him slip to #13 and see the Cardinals pick him.  I think I'd rather have Levi Brown than this kid.  Let's just hope he slips to KC and they take him as we scream with delight and grab Jonathan Martin.  There is no doubt Martin fits this offense better than Reiff.  Actually, I like Martin over Reiff in any offense.

Tannehill is a great athlete.  He was a star WR before he switched to QB.  His feet are super quick and he has decent pocket presence.  But no way is he ready for the 1st round discussion.  He's a project.  Yes, he is fast.  But really skinny.  Emphasize skinny.  He looks like a WR playing QB-skinny.  I don't see enough out of him to project him that high.  I might take a chance on him in the late 2nd.  But I'm looking at Foles before I look at Tannehill.  (And I'm not a big Foles fan.  He's plays too nervous.)

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