Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 more WR to look at

Stephen Hill out of Georgia Tech is a tall (6-4) burner (4.4).  He has good hands and makes good on jump balls.  Guy has hops.  He's projected to go late first, so if the Cards want him they should trade down to get him.  I don't see him getting great separation.  That's troubling.  But the rest of the WR mold is there.

I was watching some film on Tannehill (just to see if I was missing something again.  I wasn't)  and I noticed one of his WR was making some good catches and great cuts.  Jeff Fuller looked like a college clone of Q.  He's tall (6-4) and big (225), but not much speed (Q).  I really liked what I saw.  CBS has him pegged around the 5th round because of a foot injury.  A great 5th round flier on a WR.

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