Saturday, April 21, 2012

A good CB in the 3rd Round

Ron Brooks, CB at LSU: I love guys that do all the little things that help you win games.  They usually don't show up in the stats, but every coach knows their value. 

Brooks was that guy for LSU.  He was 3rd on the CB list behind Claiborne and Mathieu and mostly played nickel.  He started a couple of games and came up big.  He had 3 career INTs for 3 TDs (Antrel Rolle).  He's physical and fast.  He clocked a sub 4.4 at the combine.  He hits hard.  A great pass rusher.  A great special teamer.  He's got the 'IT' in football smarts.  Has a great nose for the ball.  He just makes plays.  I don't think he's a supreme cover corner.  I see him as the best nickel corner in the league or a very good 2nd CB.  Maybe he'll grow into a great CB, but as he stands now he's the ideal nickel corner/special teamer/5th WR/backup safety/tiny DE that knocks the snot out of QBs. 

I like him.

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