Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I just read this and thought it was interesting.  The Cards are currently 15th in rushing yards.  They are also 15th in rushing defense.  Better than half after just one good week.  It makes me wonder where they would have been if they had played like this from day one in training camp.  (By 'playing like this', I mean doing well in the running department for O and D.  I'm not referring to how they hand games away in the 4th quarter.)

I should also clarify that even though this lost this last game, I'm not terribly disappointed.  I was disappointed after the Washington and Seattle losses.  Heck I was disgusted after the win against Carolina.  This is the first week I'm not embarassed to be a Cards fan in a long long time.  Yes the loss hurt, but we ran the football.  And I mean we ran it like a real football team.  Its probably the best running performance by a Cards RB and O-line since Edgerrin James ran for 128 in Sept. 2007 against the Seahawks.  Timmy's 140+ against the pathetic Broncos last year wasn't even close to this one.  I truly hope that Whiz has woken up from his slumber since being the OC in Pittsburgh and will finally run the football.  (However, Minnesota is 5th against the rush, so I'm going to temper my expectations.  Wait, I'm a Cardinal fan.  That's like saying I need to remember to breathe.)

By the way, even though I thought they might lose to both Seattle and N.Y., I think they will throttle Minnesota.  I've got that feeling you get when you see the big quiet kid getting ready to take out a few years of frustration on the next person that gets in his way.  Let's hope he stays frustrated till February.

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