Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another meeting?

The Cards had another one of those accountability meetings.  I'm guessing that the next thing we're going to hear is a vote of confidence from the Bidwills for Whisenhunt.  Yeah, that's right, its the beginning of the end. 
But at least Coach Whiz reported that they had a good practice Monday.  Because he reported that every day last year and look how good they were. 

Dockett actually said that they were going to work 10x harder than they were before.  So let me get this straight, since you can only work at a 100% effort level, and you think you can work 10x harder, then you were only working at 10% effort level before?  That's so great to hear.  It actually looks like they were only working at about 10% last week against the Vikings, so I guess that's an accurate assessment.

It doesn't surprise me that the team doesn't put a ton of effort out there.  Ken is very much the coach that treats players like free men and not soldiers.  A soldier does what he is told and when he doesn't do it to the efficiency of his superior he gets verbally reamed and harshly disciplined.  The superior believes its his responsibility to get the soldier to the peek of efficiency so he's more likely to survive.  A free man, on the other hand, will only work to his own breaking point.  That is he will only put the effort level in that he feels is fine.  Rarely does a man push himself past what he thinks he can do on his own (Fitz is rare).  This is Ken's greatest strength and greatest weakness.  Men love to play for him because he places his trust them, but men also tend to lax when they feel they can get away with it. 

The comments from the media this week were interesting.  Many people heralded Coach Whiz for how he doesn't take things to the media.  In other words, he doesn't blast players publicly for failure.  I totally respect that, but it doesn't always yield results.  Remember Terry Glenn?  No single coach got more out of that guy than Bill Parcells.  And yet, while Terry and Bill were in New England together a reporter asked how Terry was recovering from his injuries.  Bill calmly looked at the reporter and said, "She's doing fine."  Most people think he went too far.  Maybe.  But when Bill went to Dallas, Terry immediately followed him.  I find it interesting that he was publicly humiliated by this man, and yet he wouldn't play under anyone else if given the choice.  The reason?  I think Terry knew Bill was right.  He was being a woman.

I'm not saying Coach Whiz should break character and behave like Bill Parcells.  He does need to stay true to who he is.  However, in all of professional sports men need to be held accountable.  So however he needs to do it (bench, berate, sick Dockett on him, whatever) he needs to get their attention.  Weekly. 

I heard Fitz say this week that we shouldn't be on Whiz over this, after all he he's not throwing balls, blocking, or whatever.  I hate when people say that.  If that's true then what the heck is the point of having a coach?  A coach's responsibility is to get the best out of his players.   He needs to push that player to the top.  And that usually means the player despises him for it.  No one likes discipline at the time, but afterwards it yields tremendous amounts of success.  (yes, I stole that line from the Bible)  I don't give a crap if he isn't blocking or tackling.  I want him grabbing a player by the face mask and spraying spittle in his face while chewing him out for missing a block.  I want a coach who's disappointed in a A.  I want a coach who wants an A+.  From every player.  I want a coach who cuts the scrub at halftime to send the message to his players that he won't tolerate failure.  Yeah, I know that very behavior drove Jimmie Johnson and Bill Cowher out of the game.  But they are going to go down as two of the best coaches to ever coach in the NFL.  That's what it takes to win. 

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