Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cards vs. Pittsburgh 10/23/11

Pittsburgh 32 Arizona 20

Beanie Wells got hurt again.  Kevin Kolb was disappointing again.  The backfield got burnt again.  Ken Whisenhunt looked bewildered again.  The Cards lost again.  But hey, it wasn't all bad.

The defense was dominant against the run again.  Once again we see them succeed against a RB corps that are north/south runners.  They tend to get killed against one cut backs, so hopefully they won't see too many of those any more.

I saw Kolb step up into the pocket more today.  He might have been inspired by Big Ben who made him look like a Sunday school girl with how tough he is.  That dude is a genious at creating something from nothing.  But more important, he steps up into the pocket and delivers a pass with 3 guys in his face.  Big Ben is a stud.  Kolb has a ways to go. 

It was great to see the Hyphen back.  He just adds so much to this team.  I envision him being a mini Darren Sproles for this offense. 

Its that time.  The season is over.  I would scrap all the extra crap that has hurt this team and just focus on the fundamentals.  I'd sit Porter and Hagans and let the kids learn on the job.  There is no way this team will catch S.F.  Especially after they lose to the Ravens next week.  I'd simplify the O and D so that the players could see a good margin of success and build on it through the year.  They need to grab a young RB from the wire to back up Alfonso Smith.  You never know, they might find another Blount or Foster.  Its asking a lot of a stubborn man, but they have to take the reigns from Whiz and scrap this pathetic offense.  They have no idea how to be successful doing it.  They seem to run well (DUH!), so hopefully they aim for more balance. 

I'm scared this team is going to fulfill a prophesy I joked about at the beginning of the season.  You know, lose just enough games to get the 1st pick only to beat Seattle in the season finale to lose it.  They've done it twice already.  I'm not saying this team should try to lose, but they should give all the future players the present.  A.W., Porter, and Haggans should be benched.  That would be the wise thing to do.  If they play this way to the end of the year they'll beat the Rams twice and probably Cleveland or Seattle.  That means they'd go 4-12 on the season.  That should land them at the 4th draft pick or so.  There's no point in playing the vets to win 3 more games.  With the kids they might win 1 or 2 and make a strong push for the 1st pick.  That would be a mighty nice gift to give Cowher when he signs a deal here to replace the fired Whisenhunt. (A man can dream right?)

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