Thursday, July 28, 2011


I sure hope Kolb proves me wrong.  With this offense and with this offensive line he better be able to read defenses fast and not hesitate.  My guess is he'll be labeled as that guy that "just can't seem to stay healthy". 

But even if he turns out to do well, I'm stunned at the logic of this trade on paper.  The Cards give a former first rounder (16th) who made the Pro Bowl, was a top five CB in INT during his years, and suffered under a miserable defensive coordinator along with the rest of the Def.  Yes, he had issues, but talented players usually do.  Ray Horton would have fixed him.  They also give up next years 2nd.  All for a former 2nd rounder who has played in 7 games with a QB rating of 73.2 and has a history of concussions and promptly paid him $60 million.  And since when do back up QB's out of Philly do anything?

Kyle Orton would have been cheaper and brought more experience.  John Skelton is now... what?  I guess the heir apparent to Kolb or whatever.  My guess is that Kolb will have repeated injuries and Skelton will play well when he's out.  Thus creating a QB controversy that Coach Whiz will deem "a good situation to be in".  Skelton might eventually replace him if the Cards don't land Andrew Luck with the first pick next year.

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