Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moving forward

I have one last thing to say on this Kolb trade (yeah right).  No matter how good Kolb turns out to be this trade is still  terrible for AZ.  To sell DRC low and buy Kolb high is just bad trading.  Then they throw in a 2nd rounder, which is absurd.  Then they pay Kolb $12 million a year.  Now its asenine.  The Cards showed their hand when they spoke of desperation for a QB.  Philly promptly drove up the price, which is smart.  They should have walked away when they mentioned DRC and let Kolb ask for $12 million from some other team.  Kolb is too much of an unknown commodity to be in this kind of talks.  The deal should have been finalized at two second rounders (as comparable to the Matt Shaub trade) and a $10 million per year contract (the same that Matt Cassel got).  The Cards couldn't have picked a worse time to buy a QB.  Which is why its a bad deal.  (My friend James says its like when they draft a guy in the first that they could have gotten in the third.  Even if the guy turns out to be great, was it a good pick?)

With that said I hope Kevin Kolb turns out to be a perennial Pro Bowler.  I like him.  I love his 60% pass completion.  I hear he's a gym rat.  Players say they respect him.  And I think he and Larry already have chemistry.  Everyone says he'll fit well into this offense, but I think everyone doesn't consider that no one outside of Kurt Warner fits into this offense.  I figure Coach will finally realize he has to mold his offense to his players unlike 2011.  Otherwise we're in for another long year.   

They need to solidify their starting line by adding a LG and resigning Deuce.  I guess Hadnot, Levi, and Lyle will be retained which has me wondering.  How good can Kolb be with 4/5 of last years line?  If they throw the ball 65% of the time like last year, I'll bet Kolb doesn't survive the season. If they go to a more sensible 50/50 or 55/45 pass/run ratio than I think he'll be fine.  That would also play more to the strengths of the OL since they fit the mold of a run first offense.  But if they threw the ball so much with D.A. and the others, why would they throw less with Kolb? 

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