Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No depth at RB?

So Bob McManaman reported this week that the Cards running woes are hurting the team.  Holy *#$@ you gotta be %&*$@ kidding me!  It only took 2 years for people to figure that out?  (Yeah, that's right, I swore.  It takes stupidity at high levels to get it out of me, which of course makes me wonder why I don't swear more on this blog sight.)

Anyway, the saddest part about the report is that the Cards still don't get it.  Saying stuff like, "there is no real reliable backup behind Wells," proves it.  Goodness gracious Whiz, are you really this myopic?  So the problem here is that there isn't a good backup, huh?

So basically they are saying that this offense is so technical only backs named Beanie Wells can comprehend it.  Which, if that were true, then they're stupid for not implementing a system that works for the players they have.  But if its not true then they can't draft/scout RBs, because they haven't put anyone back there that can figure it out.  So which is it?  Are you stupid, or just imcompetent at scouting?

But that really doesn't even matter, because the real problem is that this offensive system is crap.  And I mean the runny kind.  To actually think that they don't have depth at one of the least difficult positions to fill makes me want to punch holes in my wall.  You mean to tell me that Chris Ogbonnaya is a one in a million find, and the Cardinals missed out on him?  Or Kevin Smith is now all the sudden good?  Fred Jackson is now trying harder?  Marshawn Lynch finally gets the complex offense that Seattle runs?  Are you kidding me?  These guys are a dime a dozen... no 11 cents a dozen.  You can find them anywhere, and you don't even have to draft them.  Arian Foster is a perfect example of that.  He wasn't drafted and he's tearing it up.  Ben Tate, his backup, is producing just as good when he's out.  And if they both go down, Derrick Ward will be the next sensation in Houston.  How hard is this? 


I can think of two exceptions to that rule:  Adrian Peterson and Barry Sanders.  Those guys would be good anywhere.  No one else fits that.  NO ONE!  Not LeSean McCoy, Ray Rice, Emmitt Smith, or Marshall Faulk.  Running back should always be the last position you worry about.  But the Cards are so flippin' dumb, they've drafted 2 backs in the first 2 rounds in the last 2 years.  DUMB!  And then they further expose their nit wittedness, they say crap like, "these guys just aren't picking up the system."  I would hate to have to explain this to Whiz, because I'd be like Tom Hanks from League of their Own explaining how to hit the cut off man without making him cry.  "Okay Ken, so you hand the ball off... to the running back... and then he runs threw the hole.  Can you handle that?"

I wish we could trade Alfonso Smith to the Raiders for one game.  Let him start.  Then see what kind of numbers he would produce.  But even if he did great and then came back here and just "couldn't get it", I'm thinking the Cards brain trust would just shake there heads with their palms up clueless as to why he can't produce here. 


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