Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 DT

*Originally posted on Facebook on April 18th 2010

Name (projected draft #)

1) Gerald McCoy(#3)- I know, I know, Suh is the best ever. Hear me out. McCoy is extremely athletic and his motor doesn't seem to stop. He can play end and I'll bet can even drop back into coverage. His agility and balance are exceptional. His versatility at the positions give him more opportunity to be successful at the next level. I don't see him as the typical NT. He's more like Dockett than Gabe Watson/Branch. He gets the nod over Suh, because Suh will mostly play the DT, while McCoy will move all over the line. Also, I like being controversial.

2) Ndamukong Suh(#1) - Extremely cerebral and excellent bull rush, this guy is dominant. He has perfect balance and reads his blockers flawlessly. His hands are always ready to knock the ball down. However, he has only one move, bull rush. He seems to just wait for his blocker to get off balanced and then takes advantage. While he is amazing at it, less centers/guards in the NFL will make those mistakes and he can't always bull rush. He has to mix up his attack to be consistant. Still though, he's a can't miss stud.

3) Brian Price(#34) - Underated. Explosive and balanced, this guy can get to the QB. His motor is always going. He stays low and gets under his blockers throwing them off balanced. He looks like he knows he's shorter than all the other DT's and has short mans disease. I like what I saw from this guy and could be a great steal in the second round.

4) Dan Williams(#13)- Teddy Bear like. Not what you might want to see at DT. He seems to get pushed around a little and may be hit or miss on plays. I like his character. He's nice. But who wants nice at DT (see Dockett and Sapp) Williams can rush and will be a player. He is one of the top athletes at his position and he will be good, but he has to lose some baby fat first. I want him on my team, but I don't want him this early in the draft.

5) Terrence Cody(#44)- This guy ate Oliver Miller. Holy Cannoli this guy is big. Last I saw he was 370 but he seems like he just wants to break weight records. He's really strong and fills the holes. He's the unsexy player who makes other teams run around him, decreasing rushing yards against by 10-15 yards. If you like the brick wall over center than this is the guy. But don't the Cards already have Branch/Watson?

6) Lamarr Houston(#52) - I like his instincts. He seems to anticipate the play well. Could be just good coaching but he seems to read RB' well. Pushes his blocker into plays. He might be a half step behind other DT (like Rodrick) but if his instincts are truly his, he'll be in a ton more plays. I don't see him as a 2nd rounder like most projetions, but I wouldn't be sad if the Cards reached for him there. (Depends of course on who else is there.)

7) Jared Odrick(#28) - I don't like him. He's athletic, but he looks lost sometimes. He has character issues, some say. He plays upright, and at 6-5 thats way up there. He looks like he should've played TE, but I'll bet he has bricks for hands. Still though, he is athletic and that makes him versatile, but I just don't see it in the 2nd round.

8) Torrell Troup(#64) - Couldn't find much film on him, but what I did I really liked. He just recently shed weight which was limiting his explosiveness. Knows the NT position and is solid against the run. Looks like a leader with some fire. Good guy too. Won't get many sacks early. He has to commit to developing quickness and stamina. I kinda think this is one of those guys that will pay off later under good coaching. A good prospect in the early 3rd round.

9) Linval Joseph(#60) - Nope. Can't tackle laterally. RB's better run into him. Don't see the fire in him. Certainly not a late 2nd rounder. Needs a good coach to groom him.

10) Cam Thomas (#67) - One dimensional run stopper. Bull rushes exclusively. He's big and strong and uses it well to plug the middle. A good back up DT, unless you don't want pressure from the middle and just want to stop the run, then he might start.

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