Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arizona Cardinals 2014 draft grades: Deone Bucannon

#27 Deone Bucannon  SS  Washington State, 6-1 211.

There are four different aspects to this pick: the trade from #20, potential trades back, who else was available, and the prospect.

The trade from #20.  Picking up 91 while only moving back 7 spots at 27 is a nice gift.  However, the Browns are a team I targeted right away to trade with and we passed.  Two picks later the Eagles got 83 from them to only move back to 26.  It’s reasonable to assume we missed a +7 gain in the 80’s on this trade.  Two assumptions here: first Keim screwed up and didn’t persuade Cleveland strong enough, or second Cleveland is stupid.  There is so much evidence to the latter that I’m going with it. 

The second thing to consider in the trade back is who we passed on: Cooks, Dix, Manziel, Ford, Dennard, Verrett, and Smith.  Only Dix and Dennard were real considerations.  I’m actually a bigger fan of Deone at SS than Dix at FS so I like the pass here.  Dennard hurts.  He’s a legit all purpose CB.  But he doesn’t quite help us now and we got a 91 out of it. 

Potential trades back:  5 picks later at 32, Seattle trades back with the Vikes to 40 and picks up 108.  I was pining for another trade back, because 40 is the perfect spot to land Deone, right before the Rams and the Bears.  Or so I thought.  As it turns out the Niners picked up Jimmie Ward at 30 and rumor had it the Patriots wanted Deone at 29, which might be why they reached a bit for Easley.  It looks like Keim used his Spidey Sense well here. 

Who else at #27?  Teddy Bridgewater, that’s who.  I still have him atop my target list.  I just think this is a mistake sacrificing the potential future for the potential present.  Even though Deone should play for a while, Teddy is a solid QBoF prospect and he’s a steal at #27.  This will be the one that Deone is ALWAYS held up against.  Just like Levi was to A.P. or Housler to Justin Houston.  Passing on Teddy downgrades the selection.

Outside of him I have no one that much better than Deone.  This is my 2nd best choice.

Deone Bucannon:  A great prospect.  He will fit perfectly into our system.  I love his size and athleticism.  He has good instincts and throws his body into harms way for his team.  He can cover a TE, but needs some more work to become elite.  Seems to have the desire to do so.  He will help the run the way Bell did.  He will help the pass way better than Bell did. 

Overall Grade: A-

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