Saturday, March 8, 2014

Earl Watford

I was listening to Kent Somers on MJ’s show yesterday who reported that the coaching staff is liking what they see from Earl Watford.  He’s hit the weight room and really used his one year on the bench to his advantage.  This is potentially great news.  If this guy can just become an average starting RG then he’ll be a huge boom to the line.  Somers also said that he thought they view Fanaika as a back up (which he would be a solid one). 

With Cooper coming back at LG the assumption was that Colledge (who’s contract is untenable) would take a pay cut and move to RG.  But Keim/BA didn’t draft Watford in the 4th to sit, especially if he’s making progress.  That could leave Colledge without a starting gig.  If he was willing to become a back up he’d be the BEST back up in the NFL.  Remember, he can play T, G, and C if needed.  Plus, he’d still be a solid leader in the locker room.  However, I wouldn’t advise him to do it, because he could start for half the teams out there.  If he stays we might have something we haven’t had in quite a while… a plethora of startable Gs.  

Therefore, drafting or signing a G would make little impact on our team for the foreseeable future.

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