Friday, April 19, 2013

Trade to the Vikings?

I just heard a rumor that the Vikings would be interested in trading their #23 and #25 for our #7 so they can get Tavon Austin.  Some people question if they’d even do it.  Well, any team dumb enough to draft Ponder at #12 will be dumb enough to think all they need is Austin at #7 to make life better for them. They'll make the trade with some good salesmanship from Keim.

As for the trade, I'd do it in heart beat.  I'd leverage the heck out of Miami, S.D., and N.O. for their pick. Of course that will only work if Johnson is still there at 7. Trading back with them would give us an abnormally valuable 2nd round pick or next year's first.

Then we'd have to see if Austin fell to us to lure in Minnesota. They probably would feel like he's top 10 talent, so they'd still give up the picks.

The absolutely crazy part about all this is that Cooper and Warmack will do what all Gs do come draft time: slide. There is a solid chance that one or both of them slide to the 20s. All those same teams passed on DDC last year too, don't think they won't do it again.

So if you tell me we could land, say, Cooper and Elam for the #7 pick, I'd wet myself with excitement. You have to consider that Cooper is a good idea at #7, but would be an absolute steal coupled with the other loaded talent in the 20s.

Even if Cooper or Warmack didn't slip we'd still be looking at comboing:

Most of those guys would start for us with the possible exception of the last two. And who knows, if Geno Smith gets past Tennessee at 10, that dude could slide all the way to Minnesota at 23.

And for those still smarting over the Pace/Johnson for Suggs thing. First of all, that was Graves. Thank goodness he's gone. Second of all, those were 2nd and 3rd round talents in a year where those rounds stunk grade wise. Third, that was during the dark years... you know, the 40 years of filth that Bill Bidwill produced. Fourth, I wouldn't give ONE of the guys in this draft the same grade value that Suggs deserved coming in. (Of course, I'm not high on any of the OLBs at #7, so I'm in the minority here). So I don't see it as passing up a "sure thing" for two "maybes". I see it as passing on a "maybe" for two "maybes".

If they draft any of the players mentioned above that is a heck of deal to pass up on.

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