Saturday, March 16, 2013

The closing of the Kolb era

So the Kolb “era” comes to a close with a 1000 people screaming “I told you so.”  The sad part is that he could’ve been good had he had a real coach who knew how to mold offenses around their talent. 

So here’s the quick summary of the Kolb era:

I watched D.A. & the Gang throw up nightmarishly large attempts per game in 2010.  No team that I remember threw more percentage of passes per play than the Cards.  So they blamed the QBs when it all went sour.  Whiz’s fault plain and simple.

So they engage in needless desperation as they sell the farm for Kolb by giving DRC and a 2nd round pick to Philly plus an undeserved massive contract to Kolb. All based on Andy Reid’s recommendation.  Once again Whiz played the part of a fool.

The short off season didn’t help him at all.  He started the year off well against Carolina, and then soured as Whiz slowly corrupted him.  Of course, then the injuries started to poor in, mostly due to the inept offense putting him in positions of danger.  You gotta love Whiz and his stubbordumbness… oh wait… no you don’t.

Kolb turned out to be exactly what we saw in Philly: a decently accurate QB with injury issues.  However, we paid for a Pro Bowler and we got nothing so the deal was a bust. Thanks again Whiz.

Cutting him made perfect sense.  He’s not the future here, he’s damaged goods, and his contract was bulging.  I hope he can turn it around somewhere else but Whiz David Carred him, so I don’t see that happening.

Probably the only thing I’ll remember about Kolb is this quote:

“I guarantee Kolb’s package is five times bigger than Newton’s” – Tim Ryan 

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