Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fixing the Cardinals Oline

To fix the Oline you have to first look at what you have. 

In Levi Brown you have a powerful run blocker who can move forward but not laterally.  His pass protection is awful.  He is not a LT in BAs offense.  He’s not much of a RT either.  So you’re left with two options: cut him or move him to G.  Since this is a rebuilding year I’m 100% fine with experimenting with him at G.  Why not?  And for those that think he’d be too high priced, he’d be a lower high end G in the league and the #2 paid G on the team (Colledge)

Speaking of Colledge, he’s ridiculously overpaid.  But he’s an above average G.  I thought he was on the verge of becoming another one of Whiz’s decimation projects at the beginning of last year, but he recovered nicely when he wasn’t having to block both his and Batiste’s guy.  You keep him until his contract is more flexible to cut.  Gs should never get paid too high.  They just are too easy to replace.

Sendlein took major steps backwards last year and then got hurt.  I’m not saying his career is over, but I’d love to see an upgrade here at an affordable cost.  I’m looking at the 3rd or 4th round for his replacement.

Snyder is garbage.  Snyder is overpaid.  Snyder is single highhandedly handcuffing this team to mediocrity.  I wouldn’t start him.  He’s an adequate backup.  But we can’t really dump him until next year.  I’m not sure what to say about him at C.  If he can’t cut it at G I’m not sure why he’d be better there.  Kelemente is strong and solid, but really raw.  He missed some big assignments last year, and needs some maturing into his role.  It’s a good year for him to do just that. 

Massie showed he’s got potential at RT.  The question now is do you move him to LT?  I personally don’t see the footwork needed to dominate over there, but I loved how he proved everyone wrong last year. 

Potter is a good backup.  And a solid guy for pass protection.

Okay, so we have a massive gaping hole at LT.  We have Levi moving to RG.  We could use an upgrade at C.  LG and RT have the same starters who showed competence. 

It’s an easy fix.  Since BA wants to implement more double and down, he’s gonna want some aggressive athletic guys who get down field.  At LT, Fisher and Johnson could fill that role with pick #7. 

At C, I’m hoping that Barrett Jones somehow miraculously falls to us in the 3rd, or Cooper in the 2nd.  If not then nab a guy like Holmes in the 4th. 

That way next year looks like:

Johnson – Colledge – Jones – Brown – Massie


Fisher – Colledge – Cooper – Brown – Massie

Either way we would have:  1) a massive upgrade at 3 weak positions, 2) a younger line, 3) a heck of a lot more athleticism, 4) guys that can get down field, and 5) they’d be cost effective. 

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