Saturday, January 12, 2013

Justin Pugh

I like what I see.  He doesn’t come across as dominant, but he always is engaged in the play.  Maintains contact with his man throughout the play and sends him to the outer edge consistently.  Not fast laterally, but uses his hands to make up for loss of speed.  When the play is away from him, he still is involved with his block.  He plays through the play.  Will run down field to see if he can help his team further.  His balance is solid.  He has smallish size for LT at 6-5, 300. 

I like him in the 2nd round.  He’s surely not in the category of Johnson or Fisher, but he is the next best thing after them.  Long is still a project, but with booming potential.  Thomas is a G, and Aboushi is slow. 

At the very least he gives the Cards some flexibility with their 1st round pick.  They can take Manti or Minter or an OLB or a QB and still land a LT in the 2nd.

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