Monday, November 19, 2012

The right, the wrong, and the ugly

I'm an idealist. So I don't fall under the "win at all costs" bracket. I've never been comfortable with the idea that "a win is a win". I believe that there are 3 ways to win games:

The right way.
The wrong way.
The ugly way.

Every true fan of the game wants there team to win the right way: playing to their strengths, building for the future while succeeding in the present, balancing running and throwing, solid defense, good ST... etc. (The only time I've ever seen this done with Whiz was with Kurt towards the end.)

But we'll take winning ugly. That is, we can live with winning if the team was trying to win right, but just wasn't executing very well. These wins happen, but should come rarely. (Atlanta won ugly today against the Cards)

But in no way... I mean under no circumstances should a team win the wrong way. That is: not playing to players strengths, sacrificing the future for the present, unbalanced offensive attack, getting by with a sour defense or a bad ST... The reason you DON'T EVER want to win the wrong way... it encourages you to keep playing that way. After all, if it worked once it will work again. Only it never does.

And now the Cards aren't even "winning the wrong way" like they did on that stretch with Skelton last year. Now they're "losing the wrong way". And that's been Whiz's offense for the last 3 years. It's definately not right, it's not even ugly... it's flat out wrong.

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