Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Late round starting RT

So I've watched some film on a guy named Levy Adcock.  He's the starting LT for Oklahoma State.  He's projected to go very late, maybe the 7th round.  I'm a little puzzled by this.  He looks like a solid 3rd round pick.  He has good feet.  Good size, (6-5, 320).  Good athleticism.  I'd grade him at B+ on the pass block.  They say he doesn't rate well at run block, but with his size Grimm could work with him.  OSU was mostly a pass oriented offense so he'd be perfect in AZ.  (Let's face it, AZ isn't going to commit to the run anytime soon.)  And maybe he wasn't good on the run because they didn't do it very often.  Plus, OSU was extremely successful on offense and he was a major part of that.  There's hints that he has desire issues, but he looks like a good steal in the 5th or later rounds.  It might be a stretch to say that he'd start right away, but I could see him picking up the design pretty rapidly and starting some time in 2012.  He's an upgrade over what they have now. 

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