Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm bored. Comments on Scout Inc.'s new top 32

Obviously they read my blog because Ingram just shot up to #7 rating at a 95 (Hello out there.  Hello?  Nevermind)  That doesn’t mean he won’t be there at #13, but it does mean they can’t trade down and hope he’s still there in the low 20's.  I love Ingram, so I was surprised to see him ranked below Upshaw for that long.  Cest la vie.

Yes, Courtney Upshaw will be a solid player.  But I’m wondering how good he is when he’s not playing with two other 1st round picks.  And I haven’t seen enough to keep him out of the mid 20’s of the 1st round. #8 seems too high.

I haven’t said anything on DT Brockers because the Cards won’t take a DT this year (I should say "better not" because D. Williams and D. Carter are on the roster).  But I must say this guy looks like a potential monster clogger.  The Panthers are going to be happy they got this guy come January next year.

My “what the hell are you talking about” question is why is Blackmon at #12?  Can you imagine if the Cards could sneak Blackmon at #13?  Holy crap.  Peyton Manning might play for free in Arizona next year if that happens.

DeCastro is #14.  Just saying.

Janoris Jenkins leapfrogged Dre Kirkpatrick.  Small school vs. Alabama (Pro team in college).  Kirkpatrick doesn’t thrill me with his play as much as his potential play.  Maybe people are wondering if he’ll produce.

Ryan Tannehill at #16?  Wow!  I guess I need to look at the tape again, because that guy look likes a project to me.  (But hey, I thought that about Ponder and Locker last year… wait… those guys are projects)

Jonathin Martin at #18!  Jonathin Martin at #18!  Jonathin Martin at #18!  Oh please, please stay around the high teens for 2 more months.  And no one tell KC that they need an OT.  Okay?

Kendall Wright is #20.  Dangit.  Stop ranking all the players I like for the Cards so high. 

Quick, name the top ASU prospect in this year’s draft.  If you said Burfict you obviously never watched him play.  How bout Osweiller coming in at #21 and Burfict at #23?  Osweiller is more interesting to me than Tannehill.  He will surprise people with how athletic he is.  Burfict will surprise people at how selfish he plays.  Good luck Ray Lewis/T. Suggs on mentoring this guy.

Mike Adams is still rating at an 89 and lands at #27 overall.  I like his base.  He mauls people on the run.  I think he’s a twin of Levi Brown.  He’ll be great in a sensible run offense, but he’ll get burned by the speedy DEs in a heavy pass offense. 

Last year the Cards had a shot at two guys with an 88 rating in the 2nd round and landed one of ‘em in R. Williams.  This year the last 88 lands at #30.  What are the odds that one of those 88’s is still there in the 3rd round this year?  Yeah, the Kolb trade was a dumb-ass trade, but I won’t say I told you so. (I love saying I told you so, by saying I won’t say I told you so).

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