Friday, September 2, 2011

Final roster

My quick thoughts on the final roster cuts:

Is it just me, or does the RB group seem rediculously thin?  After Beanie, you have Hyphen, who is not an every down back, and Alfonso Smith.  Sherman is a great keeper for special teams and, "wink-wink", fullback.  But if... err.. when Beanie goes down is Hyphen going to be the full time back?  I guess when you only run the ball 15 times a game they can easily split that.  I guess this actually makes sense since Whiz doesn't like to run the ball any more.  I mean why stack a position that you don't use?

I've heard of overcompensation but the TE position is over the top.  I mean how many TE do you need?  King, Housler, and Heap make sense to keep.  I'm not sure why they are so hung up on keeping Dray?  His fate was decided the day they signed Heap. 

I'm stunned Stuckey made the team.  Yes, he played well against Denver.  But c'mon, that was a preseason game against the 2nd worst team last year.  And oh yeah, it was against their 2nd and 3rd and 4th string.  Wait, what am I thinking.  I keep forgetting that this team refuses to run the ball, so it makes perfect sense to have 6 WR when you're going to throw all the time.  When Max Komar gets healthy I think Stuckey gets cut.  I love the 5 others they're keeping though.  Good group with a future ahead of them. 

As for the rest: I'm not sad to see anyone go.  Well, I would say I'm sad to see Ben Graham go, but being sad about losing a punter is like being sad that Trapper left M.A.S.H. early in the series.  He just wasn't that important to the show and was easily replaceable.

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