Saturday, August 20, 2011

This hurts

Anyone that knows me knows that I believe running backs are a dime a dozen.  With rare exceptions like Barry Sanders or Walter Payton, I think this position is more of a reflection of the offensive line than their talent level.  Also, you might note I was very frustrated that the Cards added Ryan Williams to an already crowded backfield.  But my heart broke after seeing him tear his patella tendon and witness him realize that his year was over, possibly his career.  This kid is talented.  He is a strong inside runner with cuts that made my knees hurt just watching him.  He has an incredible attitude and you could tell he is loved by his teammates.  I fully expected him to supplant Beanie as the starter by week 3.   I even had images of a 1,200 yard season and a full compliment of TD's for the guy.  A Pro Bowl tag wasn't far behind. But it's not to be.  This is one of those losses that takes the air out of not only the team, but an entire fan base.  I hope he recovers quick and has a long healthy career, but for now I can't help but feeling like something special was just torn away from me.

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