Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chargers preseason game

I've never put any stock in preseason performances.  I mostly look for chemistry and evaluate players instinct.  This time last year Daryl Washington tore up the opponents 2nd and 3rd strings.  He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time.  So it wasn't surprising to see him named the starter.  Of course, what irritated me to no end was his lack of progression (thank you Bill Davis) through the season.  There was also no chemistry last year from D.A. and anyone not named Steve Breaston.  You just got that feeling that something was way off and at the time I trusted the Whiz would slap together a good run oriented offense and pound their way to a divisional championship.  Little did I know that the grand scheme included D.A. and co. to throw more than any other team in the league.  That worked out well.

This year I've got a total different feeling.  Kolb looks sharp.  He leads and others follow.  You can see that the team believes in him. (and unlike Max Hall, he has actual NFL talent and size to back it up)  He and Fitz have remarkable chemistry considering the shortened conditions of the preseason.  Fitz looks like he's ready to explode with a monster season.  The "other" receivers all look solid and ready to contribute.  And even if Whiz does have them throw a lot, at least they have a QB that looks like he can handle it.  (Oh please stay healthy Kevin, please)  By the way, someone tell Kevin to throw the ball away and stop taking needless hits.  Beanie looks good, but something still tells me that he's avoiding the holes created between the tackles.  (Well at least watching the replays on slo-mo with the DVR is telling me that)  The line looks good, although I think someone forgot to tell Brandon Keith that you actually have to wait for the ball to move before you're allowed to.  Maybe Levi Brown can talk to him... wait... nevermind. 

The defense looks hungry.  I mean like they've been in the Sahara for a year and saw their first cheeseburger kinda hungry.  Dockett looks Superbowl good and with Horton teaching them this new concept called 'fundamentals', they look like they are ready to rip people up.  Again, I'm seeing too many linebackers overrun the gap and get killed on the cut back, but I'm hoping that's just residual from the last two years and not a reflection on the current regime. 

Remember when Whiz used to pull plays out of his bag of tricks?  It sure looks like he's got that back on the menu. 

Maybe I've swallowed a whole keg of Cardinal Kool-Aid, but this team looks ready to compete. 

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